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Welcome to Luvma

We at Luvma invite you to visit our new studio, located in Cookstown, in the heart of Mid Ulster, easily accessible from all corners of Northern Ireland and Ireland as a whole. This modern studio strives to offer the highest quality of services including Tattoos, Piercings, Nails, Sunbeds and Laser Tattoo Removal using top quality products and the latest equipment. We offer treatments for both women and men and are an experienced team that truly cares for our customers. Our aim is to provide a relaxing, friendly atmosphere and ultimately make you look and feel great!

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and professional and we are certain that you will notice and appreciate the difference!

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Tattoo Studio by Maciej ,Magic’ Smuczynski

Getting inked is not a small commitment, which is why it’s extremely important to find a tattoo artist who properly understands the style and form of artwork that you wish to have inked onto your skin.

At Luvma, we are delighted to announce that our resident multi-award winning artist is Maciej Smuczynski (Magic Ink). Maciej has vast experience tattooing and has been established since 2000. Our studio provides a friendly and homely atmosphere, with sterilisation and satisfaction guaranteed. Maciej’s speciality is black and grey realism, converting a photo/portrait into a tattoo. He designs bespoke pieces unique to you and can expertly apply tattoo artistry in any style, also working with your ideas wherever you draw your inspiration from. Feel free to make contact with the studio with any ideas you may have. In our bright, modern studio we have hundreds of great designs available to select from. Regardless of size we understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision and Maciej’s job is to offer advice based on his professional experience to ensure you get it right!

Having researched heavily into the tattoo industry we have sourced top quality chairs ensuring optimum client comfort. The studio offers a classy, chic and clean vibe. All our work at our studio is carried out with highest standards of hygiene for your maximum safety. We have a private studio facility, to ensure the comfort of all our clients. No job is too big or too small, and our friendly, professional environment makes both men and women, of all ages and all walks of life, comfortable and relaxed. We look forward to seeing you!

Alongside tattoos Maciej has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in the art of piercing. All our equipment and jewellery has been sterilised in our own in-house vacuum autoclave and packaged, guaranteeing maximum hygiene standards. Top quality titanium jewellery is used in all our piercings. Luvma offers a variety of body piercings including Ear, Facial, Naval, Nose, Nipple, Dermals and Intimate Piercings. We also have an array of jewellery for sale ranging from simple bars to colourful and glitzy catering for all tastes.

Our tattoo and piercing studio is regularly inspected and licensed by the local authority.


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Sunbed Studio

If you’re looking for a fantastic tan, look no further, our studio offers a relaxed environment in which to tan! At Luvma, we are passionate about tanning and want to give our clients that boost and feel good factor after their sunbed session. No appointment necessary, just walk in anytime!

This exciting, new studio has top of the range latest sunbeds, iXtreme. Coupled with this they outperform everything in its class with their extreme power featuring 50 body lamps and an impressive 200 watt tanning performance for maximum results. Each sunbed provides the highest quality in design and reliability, with clever new technologies and unique features such as a scratch proof base plate and changeable LED decorative lighting. Features includes the addition of music while you tan, giving that holiday feeling and time to chill out and relax. A count up timer within the sunbed itself enables you to see how much of your session has passed.

Licensed by the local authority, all our staff are fully trained in operating the tanning equipment and guiding customers on moderate and sensible levels of tanning. Our tanning sessions are sold in individual minutes, making it easy to tailor your tanning needs. We even offer sunbed course discounts. We have invested heavily in the best sunbeds and enclosed them in luxurious private cubicles. We provide a comprehensive range of accelerator creams and tanning lotions including, Supre Tan, Ed Hardy, Body Butter and Devoted. Each cubicle provides complementary wipes, tissues and deodorant to freshen up after your session. Please note our policy states clients must be over 18 to use the sunbeds and ID must be provided.

For the quickest, darkest, longest-lasting tan, visit Luvma. We guarantee you won’t go anywhere else!

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The high performance tanning lamps are arranged to hug the body for improved tanning results.


The mirrored base plate has been developed with our unique Scratch Protection Technology.


Highly efficient ballasts result in a reduced energy requirement, while delivering an impressive 200watts of tanning power.


A big capacity ventilation system keeps the client comfortable and ensures maximum lamp output efficiency.


Changeable LED lighting allows for personalisation to suit your salon décor.


The external skins are made from unbreakable Perspex, making the unit extremely durable.


The integrated stereo speaker system provides for an enjoyable and relaxing tanning experience.


Get your tan when listening to the music & cooling by airflow…

Luvma Studio
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